Grow your business with Origami marketplace

The marketplace model allows you to quickly and effortlessly provide the most relevant offer on the market

Expand your offering

Offer a complete range of products and services through your network of sales representatives and suppliers.

Develop profitable growth

Lighten your constraints : let the sellers take care of the purchase, storage and shipping.

Explore new markets

Launch, test and approve new products and services at lower costs thanks to the marketplace model.

Boost your customer loyalty

On a trusted platform, provide your customers with a privileged experience reinforced by innovative services.

Propose a simple and relevant offer

Make it easier for your customers by offering them a stimulating shopping experience tailored to their needs.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Increase your business productivity and efficiency by focusing on added value and sales force.

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The Marketplace solution: an essential tool for B2B players

Ariane  Marketplace

“I am very satisfied, the site is working well, there are no technical issues. We can see that the team is well prepared[…] I get a very good experience from it. Each member of the team is very professional, proactive and responsive, I trust Origami Marketplace.”

The best solution to develop your own marketplace

We support you in your project to create a marketplace with
an all-in-one marketplace solution

Delivery management

Order management

Catalogue management

Payment management

Seller management

After-sales service management

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Three reasons to use Origami for your marketplace project

Launch the Airbnb of storage or the Amazon of sports products

Fast time-to-market

A dedicated team offers the deployment of an efficient customized marketplace.

Security and scalability

Operate safely on a marketplace that perfectly adapts to your needs.

Wide range of services

Benefit from the expert advices of our technical, sales and marketing teams.


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