Open your catalogue to the best services

Offering a service marketplace means offering a unique and complete customer experience

Improve the UX

Approve a product offer or propose a full-service offer is providing an enriched experience to your customers

A multi-provider catalogue

More service providers means more opportunities and competition driving prices down

A new growth lever

Enter the era of innovation and offer a truly useful platform that will change the lives of its users

Get inspired by the best.Opt for innovation

Build your business on a tested and approved model
Airbnb, Uber or Blabla Car have revolutionized the market. And you?


The first hotelier
without hotels

Blabla Car

The carpool
without car


without taxis

Easier integrationfor a wide range of services

Offer an effective and simple tool,
is quickly ensuring a large and innovative catalogue

SIM - Service integration management

Single catalog, easy to manage, simple to feed.

Back office service management

Saving time by letting the sellers do the job.

Simplified workflow management

Origami Connect' is intuitive and quick to integrate.

Three reasons to use Origami for your marketplace project

Launch the Airbnb of storage or the Amazon of sports products

Fast time-to-market

A dedicated team offers the deployment of an efficient customized marketplace.

Security and scalability

Operate safely on a marketplace that perfectly adapts to your needs.

Wide range of services

Benefit from the expert advices of our technical, sales and marketing teams.


A demonstration is better than a long speech. Discover the Origami Marketplace functionalities applied to your project and project into your own marketplace.