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Integrate your shops into your e-commerce offer

You want to develop your online sales but also integrate your shop network in the process?

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A complete and unique back-office to manage the entire online journey

Creating your own marketplace with a unified shopping cart will allow you to expand your e-commerce offering through the integration of shops and a network of third-party sellers.
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Easily integrate your shops into your e-commerce offering

With Origami Marketplace, you can integrate a range of channels and levers to improve your e-commerce sales with a unified commerce: Second hand, Network of shops, Third party sellers.
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Integrate third-party vendors to grow your revenue effectively

Thanks to the marketplace, you will be able to develop new revenue levers and thus ensure a faster ROI in addition to building customer loyalty.

An omnichannel and unified journey

In addition to expanding your catalogue of offers, you can significantly improve customer loyalty by offering them a seamless journey.

With Proximis, we develop comprehensive omnichannel approaches to improve customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Biked: Development of a hybrid app for C2C marketplace

Proximis, the retail expert, makes the purchasing process more fluid and simplifies retail operations thanks to a pioneering technology, the Unified Checkout, which harmonises the purchasing and return processes on the one hand, and on the other, uses all the stocks available in the network to increase sales.

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Second hand, a new growth and loyalty lever for retail

With a market that is growing 24 times faster than the new goods market, second-hand goods are becoming the new consumer mode of the 21st century.

Thanks to the Origami solution, you will be able to integrate second-hand goods (C2C, product returns, destocking) into your e-commerce and shop offer. And always in a unified platform.