Make it easier for buyers

Offer your B2B customers a unique shopping experience tailored to their needs

An offer adapted to your customers

Centralize purchases on a tailor-made platform and offer a wide range of products at the best prices

A unique and optimized shopping experience

Expand your service offerings to complement your catalog and improve the user experience

A catalogue constantly renewed

Boost your market share by offering a complete catalogue thanks to multi-sellers offers

Launch a marketplace for procurement groups

Easier integrationto expand the catalogue

Offering a tool easy to use for your central purchasing department,
is ensuring a broad catalogue, without breaks and quick to integrate

PIM - Product integration management

A single catalogue, easy to manage and simple to maintain is the basis for a well-functioning marketplace.

Supplier and operator back office

Offering service providers catalogue management, availability and reservations saves time

Simplified workflow management

Origami Connect' quickly integrates thousands of sellers. Flow management has never been so intuitive.

Reduce costs andincrease the margin

The Marketplace model offers you a new way to
manage your procurement and increase your margin rate

Process automation

Flow-fed catalogue, real-time stock management and automated invoicing

Facilitating purchases

Improving shopping comfort means boosting sales and building loyalty

Increase of the margin

Eliminate storage and management costs and earn commission on each sale

Three reasons to use Origami for your marketplace project

Launch the Airbnb of storage or the Amazon of sports products

Fast time-to-market

A dedicated team offers the deployment of an efficient customized marketplace.

Security and scalability

Operate safely on a marketplace that perfectly adapts to your needs.

Wide range of services

Benefit from the expert advices of our technical, sales and marketing teams.


Do you have a marketplace project? Discover the Origami marketplace solution !