prestataire de paiement hipay

Smart payment solutions, for smart experience



Take control of your payment strategy

HiPay work closely with merchants to increase their revenue by improving their success rate and avoiding risk. 360-degree customer data analysis gives insight into the right payment methods for a merchant’s needs.

Multiple payments

Add sellers easily

Chargebacks management

Increase your conversion rate

  • Easy refund
  • Unified payment management
  • Automated financial reconciliation
  • Managing mixed baskets
  • The fight against fraud
  • International growth

Add new sellers in a safe way

  • Get assistance with legal setup
  • Built-in fraud protection
  • Comply with local regulations including KYC, anti-fraud & escrow
  • Secure PCI-compliant platform
  • Maximize your revenue while limiting risk

Manage chargebacks easily

  • Allocate, split payments, and settle to multiple stakeholders
  • Simply and effectively manage the flow of transactions
  • Track progress with a dedicated report in the dashboard

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