Our services,business and technical expertise

We support you in all the stages of your project and in your strategic thinking


Business expertise at your service

Make the daily life easier for your sellers and your sales and marketing team

Adjustable front-office

Customize your front-office via a modular CMS (Prestashop type) or use an integrator for a front-office from-scratch.

Responsive design

The solution provides an optimal reading and browsing experience regardless of the device used: desktop, tablet, mobile.

The orders

Manage payments, shipments, refunds, returns, customer reviews, multi-currency and pre-authorization of your orders.

Care - Tripartite ticketing

Resolve customer tickets, after-sales service and share internal notes on a dedicated interface: the customer portal. Chat as a duo (operator/seller) or as a trio (operator/seller/customer).

The catalogue

Benefit from a configurable catalogue of products or services in multiple offers. Moderate or delete offers, manage online postings, offer services by subscription, booking and fixed price quote.

Review management

Origami Review offers transparent and reliable multi-vendor customer review management. Identify opinions on several criteria: orders, vendors and user experience on the marketplace.

Search Engine

Origami technology offers a search engine and a faceted navigation module developed for an optimal navigation. Quickly manage your products, services, orders, vendors and knowledge.

Concierge service

Offer a differentiating service to sellers and customers. The "dispatched by the marketplace" service makes it possible to offer qualitative and advantageous rates and dispatch services.

Management of vouchers

Reward your customers' loyalty with a dematerialized discount voucher system. Offer total or partial discounts that meet all your criteria for dates, amounts or groups of beneficiaries.

A technical expertise at your service

Origami Marketplace is a technical core, in a customizable envelope


Origami offers easy management of operator warehouses (janitorial) and sales warehouses (multi-warehouse possible) via an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.


One click: activate, deactivate, validate or refuse a seller registration. Export KYC documents and manage vendor subscriptions on an ergonomic interface.


Find your KPIs or performance indicators on a customizable dashboard. An easy-to-use Drag-&-Drop and many widgets make it easy to read the data.

Marketing Automation

The event engine allows you to configure rules based on actions and automate the sending of emails, SMS, calls and notifications to make your daily life easier.

Accounting & invoicing

Download accounting exports and consult the dashboards dedicated to your accounting. Automate the export of your payment and billing reports.

Security and confidentiality

Origami ensures data and transaction security with a secure API in Oauth.2.0, a secure https back-office for an optimal experience in complete reliability.

Payment management

Integrate MangoPay, LemonWay, HiPay, Stripe, Paypal and many others payment management. Manage subscription fees and multi-currency payment.

Flow management

Seller onboarding has never been easier thanks to the integration of Shopping-feed, Beezup, Lengow, Google, Origami Vendor,... through connectors.

Multi-language management

Internationalizing your business through a back-office translated into one or more languages means having a platform that is easy to export and institutionalize abroad.


…to be discovered during a demonstration of our solution !