Origami Marketplace offers an easy to use software, with an unlimited catalogue
meeting the expectations of a B2C marketplace.
Boost turnover while eliminating the logistical constraints associated with a traditional e-commerce website.

A simplified solution with an unlimited catalog

A multi-seller offer on a centralized platform allow to create, store and manage offers in a simplified way while multiplying references.

PIM - Product management

A centralized catalogue, easy to manage and simple to maintain, is the basis for a well-functioning marketplace.

Simplified workflow management

Origami Connect' quickly integrates thousands of sellers. Product management has never been so intuitive.

A productive multi-seller catalog

More sellers means less out-of-stock situations and a competition that drives prices down

Focus on what you do best

Free from logistical and purchasing constraints, concentrate on your core business in order to increase your margin

Improve the UX or customer experience

Saving time on purchasing and logistics management means more time for your customers and their needs

Develop your customer loyalty

Offer new services and offers adapted to everyone's needs: become indispensable to your customers

Easy and efficient customer service

You are the trusted third party and mediator in the resolution of the conflict between the seller and the customer

Three reasons to use Origami for your marketplace project

Launch the Airbnb of storage or the Amazon of sports products

Fast time-to-market

A dedicated team offers the deployment of an efficient customized marketplace.

Security and scalability

Operate safely on a marketplace that perfectly adapts to your needs.

Wide range of services

Benefit from the expert advices of our technical, sales and marketing teams.


A demonstration is better than a long speech. Discover the Origami Marketplace functionalities applied to your project and project into your own marketplace.