Music, sports, astronomy, photography… What can’t we do in our free time? Keen to learn new things, to improve your skills or simply to kill some time; so many activities are out there to disconnect from reality for an hour or two. These hobbies, however cool they may be, do represent a source of expenditure for everyone, even more when the activity turns into an obsession, for which the piggy bank is often broken for the sake of nicer, better gear. To stop the bleeding, the second hand market may be seen as a relevant opportunity. Here’s why.

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Childhood, a time of a thousand hobbies

Kids do get bored very easily. Thanks to their little friends, after-school activities or ads on TV or on the Internet, children are naturally attracted to new things, and that’s okay!
BUT when the brand new piano recently purchased is shunned after failed attempts and frustration, the pill might be hard to swallow. It could be even worse, like say, having the complete collection of WWII model fighters hibernating under 3 inches of dust.
Money is spent, space is lost, a pretty lose-lose situation.

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People change, passions too

Seconde main le remède aux passions

Whether you are into sports, music or photography, you know how hard it is not to search for better gear as your talent and expectations increase over the years. And the better you want, the pricier you’ll find. When you’re passionate and wish to find rare items, you enter a whole new level. From a 4 digit custom guitar to a camera lens three times the price of the camera body, not to mention the 5 millions dollar Pokemon card, the second-hand market serves as Ali Baba’s cave, as a livelihood, and as a solution to retrieve long lost square meters at home.

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Buying and selling second hand, a remedy to the fever

After Covid, the French households seem to adopt a much more responsible behavior towards side activities and the budget allocated. Several studies give an approximate budget between 500 et 700 EUR per household*. Hobbies are taking the major cut in budget restriction due to the general price increase. This is where buying/selling second hand comes in [very] handy. You can sell your existing products to buy something better !

L'occasion et seconde main

If the second hand market thrives, too many flaws and risks for scams do exist on websites, often seen as generalist and where no effort is made to reward or retain the community. Between the blurry and off-centered pictures, the lack of information or reinsurance, it makes sense to search for an existing business, or even a specialized second-hand platform especially if we’re looking at high end products.

And if for some reason, there’s no platform yet, let’s create it!

Occasion et seconde main

logo sans fond origami marketplace

What about you, which website do you visit to find or sell your articles second hand ?

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