Expand your business with your Origami marketplace

The marketplace allows you to quickly and effortlessly expand your catalogue by offering the most relevant offer on the market

Expand your commercial offer

Offer a complete range of products and services to your customers through your network of sales representatives and suppliers.

Develop profitable growth

Lighten your constraints with the marketplace model. Your sellers take care of the purchase, storage and shipping.

Propose a simple and relevant offer

Make it easier for your customers' buyers by offering them a stimulating shopping experience that is tailored to their needs.

Increase your efficiency and productivity

Increase productivity and efficiency by focusing fully on your added value and your sales force.

Boost your customer loyalty levers

On a trusted platform, provide your customers with a privileged experience reinforced by innovative services.

Explore new markets

Launch, test and approve new products and services at lower costs thanks to the marketplace model.

Origami Marketplace presentation video

The Marketplace: An essential tool for B2B players

La meilleure solution pour développer votre marketplace

Une solution de marketplace clés en mains. Nous vous accompagnons.

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