Request a demonstration

A demonstration is better than a long speech

Discover the Origami Marketplace features applied to your business
and project yourself into your future marketplace.

Origami Marketplace offers you the opportunity to discover its solution thanks to a personalized and complete demonstration adapted to your needs. Discover the software’s key features as well as the various back-offices (operator and sellers) or the front office (customizable according to your needs). Benefit from business and technical expertise to help you plan your marketplace project.  

Three reasons to use Origami for your marketplace project

Launch the Airbnb of storage or the Amazon of sports products

Fast time-to-market

A dedicated team offers the deployment of an efficient customized marketplace.

Security and scalability

Operate safely on a marketplace that perfectly adapts to your needs.

Wide range of services

Benefit from the expert advices of our technical, sales and marketing teams.